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"Thank you, Gerry, ...if it weren't for you, we'd all still be standing around getting no where." ~ Cindy

Whatever your excavation, construction, or landscape need, we have the equipment to get the job done.  From bucket loaders, bobcats, and dump trucks, we can transport fill materials and stone to/from the worksite.  


Total client satisfaction is what we set our goals toward.  Our joy comes in knowing you will love your newly designed property for many years to come.

Site Prep

Bedrock Excavation is the place to call when you have an uncleared property or when you need a solution to drainage on a property that is already developed.  Need a new driveway or additional parking spaces?  Solutions abound with 25 years of experience and the right tools for excavation and site preparation.

Septic Systems

Certified septic installations are one of the valuable services we do for our property development clients.  Gerry has been designing and installing approved septic plans for over 20 years. His expertise in materials and completion to State and local specifications is what makes Bedrock Excavation, LLC the choice of many new home builders in the Lakes Region.


Do you have a landscape challenge?  Gerry and Hudson take pride on using many natural materials and native stones found in the local region. Your new hardscape will look natural, as well as be durable and neat.


Your yard is an oasis. Bedrock Excavation has the experience in using natural materials, choosing plantings, and recommending best solutions for water conservation.  Contact us to find out how we can give you increased privacy, better lake access, improved drainage, or simply a beautiful outdoor space.

"The wall looks amazing, as does the rest of the work you did! Please keep us in mind when you have any other inspiring landscape ideas."              

                                                                                           ~ David & Marcia

"Experience a new standard of excellence with Bedrock Excavation."

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